28 year old woman dating - Dating for people in recovery programs

Being in recovery for addiction is a tumultuous and difficult time.Whether you are just entering rehab, are already there, or have left and are facing the sober life ahead of you, your struggle can leave you feeling vulnerable, weak, and emotionally spent.Romance and dating are complicated, and addiction recovery can make experiences even more complicated.

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Many people are aware of the “one year rule” in 12-step programs, which suggest waiting at least a year after getting clean to begin dating again.

While this is just a suggested time period, many treatment professionals and old-timers have seen the consequences of dating in very early recovery.

There are many reasons, most experts would say, not to attempt to form any romantic attachments.

Experts in the addiction and recovery fields are largely against romantic relationships forming during rehab, or even for up to a year afterward.

If you are single and in recovery, it can get pretty lonely.

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