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She lived as a man, the new patriarch, with all the swagger and trappings of male authority - including the obligation to avenge her father’s death.

She says she would not do the same today, now that sexual equality and modernity have come even to Albania, with internet dating and MTV invading after the fall of the Berlin Wall. With only Keqi and some 40 others remaining, the sworn virgin is dying out.

Sadly, some of the previously peaceful villages have been overrun with hotels, casinos, karaoke and even a red-light district.

AKA, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC AND DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO The menfolk of the Aka people in Africa’s Congo Basin have been described as the ‘best dads in the world’ with the paternally minded pygmies playing with their babies at least five times as often as men from other societies. Cots are unheard of (couples never leave babies lying unattended) and if one Aka parent smacks an infant, the other views it as grounds for divorce.

"It's everybody's dream to get to America," Kupa, 38, said in the ornate dining room of La Fontana Della Citta at 17th and Spruce Streets, which he and partners opened a decade ago, six years after he arrived in the States. All my family was in Philly and worked in the food industry here, so, as a young guy, I followed my family's steps. This was our first season, and it has been extremely busy. This one [La Fontana] was the big hit because when we first opened, the economy was falling. The younger generation, we really feel like we are Italians in a way. When you move to a different country, you don't think of opening an Albanian restaurant, you really think opening [an] Italian restaurant because we feel like we are Italians.

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