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He asked me to continue his work before his passing in 1992.

Browse my books and training materials about client centered hypnosis, or consider my professional services (hypnotherapy, consulting, mentoring, speaking). Hypnotherapy has the following benefits: stress management, quit smoking hypnosis, weight loss hypnosis, and hypnosis to overcome undesired habits.

Sue Blume's "Secret Survivors." To read these handbooks is to learn that almost any problem you have may be an indicator of abuse. Blume offers a 34-item "incest survivors' after effects checklist" of symptoms, which range from fear of being alone in the dark to multiple personality disorder -- with phobias, arthritis, low self-esteem, wearing baggy clothes, the desire to change one's name and sexual difficulties in between. Engel, the checklist includes feeling ugly and worthless, having a tendency to apologize inappropriately, feeling like a failure, jeopardizing chances of success, feeling helpless, having problems with sex or in relationships. The other side, primarily committed to protecting adults, is concerned that in the contemporary hysteria too many innocent adults are being unjustly accused.

The polarization among professionals is now so bad that researchers are quickly branded as being on one side or the other, and their work discounted by the opposition. Read only one case of a child being treated for gonorrhea of the throat -- the evidence that helped convict a man in Miami of child molestation -- and you will feel a wave of nausea at what adults are capable of inflicting on children.

While I wrote many of them, a number of articles are available that were submitted by experienced practitioners and experts in the hypnosis profession.

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