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The pubescent mod look was out, replaced with glamour that resembled the feminine red carpet styles of ’30s and ’40s starlets.The laidback lifestyles of the hippie movement inspired the birth of the “leisure suit,” boho style dressing and preference for all-natural materials in the ’70s.Today’s post is different than the rest because it teaches you five easy ways to identify a garment’s most probable era based on construction details like buttons, zippers, seams, sleeves and lining.

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Test a button’s bakelite authenticity by spraying a Q-tip with 409 cleaner and rubbing it against the button. 1950s: If the button is clear, you’re most likely looking at lucite, a transparent type of plastic invented in 1931.

Lucite buttons were most popular on garments of the ’50s.

"The Love I Lost" has some somber lyrics, but the beat begs to differ.

It's perfect for when you want to atone for your relationship sins on the dance floor. Leonard Cohen, "Chelsea Hotel #2" (1974) The Hotel Chelsea has seen a lot, not least of which was a brief, unlikely fling between Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin.

Again, we limited it to one song per songwriter (not necessarily per band).

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