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Private ultrasound early pregnancy scan (sometimes called viability scan, early scan or first scan).We recommend that you present your first scan pregnancy results to your usual healthcare professional whose contact details we take at the time of booking.

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The hospital has given a break-up of 60 deaths since August 7 of which 34 are of newborns in the NICU ward, 12 Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) cases and 14 non AES cases.

Speaking to the media before leaving for Gorakhpur, Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh charged the BRD Medical college management, district administration and the doctors of keeping the chief minister, ministers and senior bureaucrats in the dark about the emerging oxygen crisis.

**4DFREEVIEW This scan includes viewing your baby in live 4D from available views and thermal b/w 3D scan prints at no extra charge.

Please note that 4DFREEVIEW is a free option and if your baby’s position is not favorable for aesthetics on the day, we cannot offer a free rescan for this reason.

They had also informed of not being left with any option but to stop supplies if arrears were not cleared.

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