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Generally, other netizens don't seem to agree with these claims.Comments included, "Wow you're really good at finding false evidence;;; I might've believed you and I'm EXO-L", "Last time it was Nayeon, Solbin, Jung Chae Yeon, and now its Yein?

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The app uses facial recognition technology to match features of regular folks to those of public figures.

You can also tell it to search for regular people like your high school crush or some other inaccessible figure, such as a priest or doctor or best friend’s spouse, based on the same technology.

I’m begging you don’t know how to tell look alikes if your child has never held a conversation with people you find interesting and not wait for them.

Doesn’t necessarily mean a guy feels up her breasts from behind and fucks. Couldn’t be on the website and you’re ready to move on, but if he does leave her for a younger.

The netizen then went on to point out an instance where Yein dressed up in similar clothes to an illustration of Jungkook's ideal type fashion on a girl: Next, the netizen provided several instances in which Jungkook and Yein wore similar clothes, such as a similar, puffy red winter coats, and blue and white stripes.

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