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To make Meru happy, they have to do what is written inside all the treasure boxes*First box: hold hands. Holding hands you can feel the body heat of the other…Gotou-san: She’s freaking happy! Sashihara: She looks so happy.*To the aquarium, they found a treasure box in the entrance.

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The day before of the shooting, Meru-chan sent me a mail saying “Sashiko-chan, what do you think if I’ll go with these clothes?

Meru: I joined HKT48 when I entered middle school, I never received a love letter, I’ve never confessed or received a confession. It’s a long time I fell in love with Ume, I’m thinking about her since like more than two years.

Ume: If you normally think about it, it’s impossible to count them all. Gotou-san: That’s a talk that totally may happen during a date. You can go ahead only by finding someone that you can completely trust, that won’t make you feel the weight of what you’re carrying on your shoulders. Sashihara: She is really doing a girlfriend’s face!

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