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The quickest way to tell them apart is to look at the fretboard.A Style 1 ukulele will have a double dot at the seventh fret, while a Style 0 will have only one.Other tried to call this scale length a Tenor at the time but Martin stuck with Concert and a couple of years later in 1928 they started making 17in scale Tenors as a 4 string version of their Tiple Ukuleles, (They didn't come up with the Baritone scale though) In addition to the scale lengths , in 1919 they created the 10 string Tiple Ukulele, (initially for the music publisher/distributor William J Smith & Co but mainly sold under their own name).

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Martin started producing ukuleles in 1916 and were the largest producer of ukes There are a number of different styles (from style 0 to style 5 – but there’s no 4).

Generally speaking, the higher the number, the higher the price.

In this case, it’s worth being able to identify which type of ukulele it is and how much it might be worth so you can tell if you’re getting a bargain. But with the new boom they’re back on the bandwagon. As well as making their own ukuleles, Martin also made ukes for other manufacturers such as Oliver Ditson.

To begin with they started by releasing new models. These ukuleles are identical to the standard Martin ukuleles apart from the maker stamps and decals.

In 1920 they started making them of koa as well as mahogany and these koa variants were knows as the S1k S2k and S3k (they never made a koa S0) and in 1922 they started and even fancier koa model called the S5K (there never was a style 4?

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