Dating older women in lagos Adult skype cam chats

One lady gave a rather interesting account of her sister’s friend named…(Let’s call her Mrs.B) who was found to be having an affair with the cute 21-year old son of her friend. B is a hot, single and successful mother who recently celebrated her 40th birthday.

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Women who date younger men do it out of limited choice.

Okay; so here I am in the midst of a number of women age ranging from 29 to 46, having drinks and celebrating the new year; each with a smile on her face and different burdens and/or desires in her heart. Children, husbands, sex, church, work, in-laws, traffic, everything and then one topic that just dragged on and on I had to quickly conduct an opinion poll and also shared the same story with a few other friends in different parts of Nigeria.

Some men are already in the business of marrying women that are older than then by far.

They do this for several reasons; money being at the forefront of their moves.

Yours truly quickly became an oversabi reporter; as I like gberun, this one was right up my alley.

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