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A special thank you to Phil for the work he has done researching, publishing and marketing this valuable resource.Phil, who for many years was president of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club also produces "The 45rpm Phono Gazette" a must-have, bargain-priced, quarterly publication for anyone having a keen interest in this hobby. Note when photos shown here are framed with a square box, if you click that photo you'll typically see a larger or alternative photo for a closer look. The Phono Jack collection includes a variety of other private label versions of these RCA 45 phonographs from companies such as Motorola, Crescent, Crosley, Decca, Emerson, Montgomery Ward, Symphonic, Tru Tone, Tele-Tone, Victory, Voice of Music and Zenith.The RCA Corporation was a major American electronics company, which was founded as the Radio Corporation of America in 1919.

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At its height as an independent company RCA was the dominant communications firm in the United States.

Beginning in the 1920s it was a major manufacturer of radio receivers, and also developed the first national radio network, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

These tubes also used the numbers 201A and 301A depending on the manufacturer.

Other early tube numbers to watch out for are 45 ($50-$70), 50 ($200 ), 245 ($100 ), 250 ($250-$350), WD-11 ($50-$135), and WD-12 ($30-$50).

A hard-to-find 1L6 used in some Zenith 1950s portables sells for $40-$50.

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