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Charlie Sheen has been rocked by a brush with law after his private plane was inspected by US Customs officers at Brown Field Airport in San Diego.

The former Two And A Half Men actor's plane was forced to land by federal police in the US after he returned from Mexico, according to Radar Online.

He welcomes the National Guard's presence in the neighborhood at first, realizing their necessity in this new world, but his attitude begins to change when they abduct Nick.

He is appalled to discover Madison's knowledge of Daniel Salazar's torture to extract information from a soldier, Andrew Adams, but when Andrew returns and shoots Daniel's daughter Ofelia Salazar for revenge after Travis allowed him to escape, he flies into a rage and brutally beats the soldier to the brink of death, relenting when Madison intervenes.

When traveling to the Riviera Maya, you will have a wealth of INAH ruins to visit, ranging from the Tulum ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea to Chichen Itza, the 8th wonders of the world!

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