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Two years have now passed since the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in the United States, and as the political and social climate continue to ebb and flow in this country, so does the sense of community and solidarity across major cities once regarded as safe havens.

The housing bubble in California has also made living in major cities far less accessible for gay men and women seeking refuge.

The city of San Francisco has long been held to a premium standard of providing the ultimate gay experience for both men and women who flock west for a new or better life.

With what is likely the most politically liberal environment in the United States, paired with a long history of LGBT activism, a plethora of gay men discharged from the U. Navy, and a density of gay bars higher than there are Starbucks, this city by the bay earned its title as the “gay capital of the world” long before the HIV/AIDS beginning in the 1980’s.

And as the Bay Area’s heavy technology scene continues to dominate the San Francisco job market, the local demographic continues to move in a more homogeneous direction.

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