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That didn’t stop him from going off the rails during the show, though.

Listeners heard Blumberg stutter through disastrous VC pitches and agonize over whether he was taking the company in the right direction.

Because even when I’ve done just a small presentation of the show to some of the departments within NPR who haven’t heard it yet, we’ll be in a room with 10 people under fluorescent lights and it’s all for fun, but even those people in that circle are whispering the answers.

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The app Tinder gets its data from Facebook, and sorts potential matches by location.

Compared to most dating sites, the information is limited.

Online dating websites report a spike in registrations right after the holidays. When Andrea Olson moved to Vermont from Memphis, Tenn., she tried the dating site OK Cupid for the first time.

And more and more Vermonters are looking online for a potential match. She’s 31, and says the OK Cupid scene in Burlington can be tough. “The age of men seems to be in the post-college age, and then all of a sudden it jumps to 35 and up,” said Olson.

First and foremost, how strong is the temptation to interject with the answers when you’re hosting a trivia show? But for me, I feel for the contestants — I’m sort of right there with them.

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