Dating slena

Palvin took to Twitter, confirming that there was nothing going on between her and Bieber.

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Dating slena

Our sources say if Selena truly felt she needed to let Bella know (as a friend) that she and The Weeknd had a thing going on, she would have ... As for her situation with The Weeknd -- our Selena sources say the two started hanging out just before the holidays -- but weren't together for the celebrations.

We're told the new couple isn't yet "that serious" ...

She gushed over her new boyfriend in an interview on Miami’s radio station Power96 promoting her new song, “Bad Liar.” Even though fans first speculated that the lyrics were about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, it seems like Sel has really moved past him and is all about her new beau.

“It’s just that feeling, you know, when you’re obsessed with someone when you first, initially — I always say the honeymoon stage,” the 24-year-old told radio host Ivy.

With that comes a lot.” MORE: The Weeknd Meets Selena Gomez's Family at His Concert in Dallas!

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