Dating the old testament

They developed numerical systems to ensure an accurate copy.

Rather than trying to represent every possible system of chronology, we have chosen to follow specific works which are widely recognized and respected.

We understand that some of our users may disagree with particular dates, or that they may subscribe to an entire system of chronology which is different from the ones we have chosen.

Perhaps the strongest evidence for the reliability of the OT is the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947 at Qumran.

An article posted by the Biblical Archaeology Society cites a recent report published in BASOR (the Bulletin for the American Schools of Oriental Research) which calls into question the dating of the Siloam Tunnel which was supposedly excavated during the reign of the biblical king, Hezekiah.

If they didn’t match up, then the copy was destroyed and they started over.[ii] Next, archeological discoveries shed light on many of the people, places, and events recorded in the Bible.

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