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However whether or not you’re a fan of these independent, elusive, and sometimes standoffish felines, you may still find yourself attracted to their owners. The average house cat spends around 70% of its time sleeping – so, things should be easy right? Kitty’s taken up the space in between you two and she’s not budging.Well, that really depends where the cat has chosen to sleep! Want to borrow your date’s laptop to show them this great video you saw online earlier?I just need someone to share it with My friends and family are really important to me I’m just as happy at a black tie event as I am in a muddy field My friends say I’m...

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It’s OK.’ What in the name of Michelle Pfeiffer is going on?

And then, of course, the next time ’emboldened by her attention’ me goes to touch her, she looks at me with a bored, ‘And you are?

This hilarious video has been going viral and for good reason.

The video is a post for an online dating service called e Harmony where Debbie is taking about herself and what she likes.

Are we quantitatively or qualitatively different from non-cat people?

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