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If you both have trust in the universe you can share your spiritual journey together, in good times and in bad.

If you do not share this commonality I would recommend getting a new partner to date.

Within this article I have posted some information from that book along with information from other publications of theirs that I believe will be of interest to many people and, in my opinion, should be made public.

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Nancy Ammerman studied a fundamentalist church in New England in the 1980s and found that those in the church had problematic or even nonexistent relationships with relatives who were not “saved” because they made their relationships with their “unbelieving” kin into extended and unceasing proselytizing.

These fundamentalists held that God and what God wanted must come first even if it meant damaging their relationships with their “unsaved” relatives. Growing up in an evangelical home, we all spoke of loving Jesus more than anyone or anything else. But then I saw it put into action as my parents chose .

It is referred to as the Elders Manual; an instructional manual for those men chosen to be in leadership of their assigned congregation and teaches how they should handle cases of misconduct in the congregation, among other things.

I cannot tell you exactly why this handbook is treated as a secret.

If you are dating someone who is not a person of faith, and you are, this is a big problem. The purpose of this post is to give you some ideas about what to do with this relationship dilemma. Not because they do not love you, their love is real, but their awareness is limited. Therefore, it creates a measureless chasm between two partners in a relationship and only one of the partners is painfully aware of this. Below I have some recommended reading they might consider.

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