Since we already have a bunch of scrapbook style books, I decided to get this one printed.It ended up costing me less than , including postage (I used Kmart's print service but Vistaprint also have really great global prices) as I went for a small soft cover photo book.

“Having a 5-year-old daughter, I’ve tapped into a certain sensitivity that I normally never paid attention to, and I hope my daughter never ran into me when I was younger.” In the new dating book , the two tackle hot topics like infidelity, effective arguing and the ever-elusive question of “When is too soon to sleep with someone?

” They each draw from their own relationship experiences and separate book successes: Simmons released an affirmations anthology 's chats with Simmons and Gibson on their relationship mistakes, harsh advice for women, and inevitable comparisons to Steve Harvey’s own straight-talk dating book: The Hollywood Reporter: With such different dating backgrounds and beliefs, how did you two approach this book project?

Little did I know, Jesse loved it - and thus I decided I really needed to share it with you too!

It's a super simple DIY gift idea that can be made in a million different ways - and it doesn't even need to cost a penny.

Filled with worldly canine wisdom, A Pug's Guide to Dating is a collection of 50 chuckle-inducing cartoons that will brighten anyone's day.

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