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This is one of the most exclusive events at the Playboy Mansion and under normal circumstances you need an invite from a member of the Karma Foundation which can cost up to ,000 based on demand.

Well guess what, I’ve got some some tickets and they’re burning a hole in my pocket!

Sarah: Oh, I was just flipping through this waiting for my friend John: Got it, isn’t this a great place to meet up, being right downtown and all. Maybe this illustrates what I would otherwise just try to explain. Ever see those, where you read a page then it gives you three choices of what to do next telling you to flip to pg 84 if you decide to kill the dragon, or page 93 if you run away to find the king etc.

Sarah: No, you’re funny, I’m not from Texas, I’m Californian. John: Yeah forget that, I’ll take an earthquake every hundred years instead of 10 tornadoes a month any day. I was there last year and there’s this crazy spot just south of Kingston that you gotta check out!

“ By framing conversations like Choose Your Own Adventure novels, you control the direction of the interaction, as either conversational thread that is pursued is one that you initiated.

I got a kick out of Savoy’s: Man vs Journalist blog post about the Las Vegas Weekly article. Here is the transcript of a recent interview I did with a freelance journalist.

Apparently this may end up in Penthouse or GQ, so when the article comes out, I’ll post it here and compare what was written with what I said.

…Pinging for a Golden Mirror subject (what a girl wants out of life at a deep level) is an important consideration when seeking to demonstrate high value.

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