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Good Enough, estimates the cost to today’s woman of four months of dating, counting therapy afterward when it doesn’t work out, to be $3,600: online dating service, clothes, including expensive underwear, haircut, hair color, cosmetics, bikini wax, entertaining him, and gifts. Cherlin defines it in The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the Family in America Today.

In the American view, marriage remains the ideal state: only 10 percent of Americans endorse the idea that the institution is outdated, compared to, say, in France, where a third of people think it is.

Though we find ourselves as mid-thirties, first-time filmmakers, we are confident and dedicated to making the highest quality, no-budget indie western film ever made.” — Jeff Rowles Current Status: Pre-production.

The Personal Touch: Our experienced Catholic dating counselors offer old-fashioned and personalized Catholic matchmaking while maintaining today's high standards of professional care.

Suzanne is a best-selling writer, editor and nationally recognized authority on issues facing women over 50. Magazine and her passion for the history and lives of women shines through in our conversation.

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