Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp is trying to keep silent about the rumors he's hooking up with Khloe Kardashian -- but TMZ Sports has learned there's definitely something cooking between them. and said he was only focusing on baseball -- and when asked specifically about Khloe he said even less.Our Kardashian sources tell us Khloe and Matt are in the early, early stages of a relationship and they're "taking it really slow." Makes sense -- Khloe just filed to divorce Lamar Odom last week. However, Kemp also pumped up the buzz yesterday by posting what many people believed to be the giant Christmas tree at Kardashian HQ ... We're told the tree in the Instagram is NOT KJ's ... He lives in the same 'hood as the Kardashians -- and we're told the foyer at his pad is almost identical to theirs.Even more humiliatingly, I wasn't fascinating or vile enough to warrant a mention in this book, which charts her late-thirties quest for a man to supply gametes and to fart on her sofa during major sporting events for the next forty years.


"So I then had lots of money and I told her I was ready to be with her. She said, 'I don't care, I have two guys staying here now.' "A word to the wise: Look that girl in the eyes." "I met a guy on Craigs List and we had our first date.

And in the middle of telling me things that he liked to do and talking about his ex-wife he goes from 'we liked sailing and buying antiques' to 'and I like corsets ...' Excuse me, corsets?

Sarah's (yes, we're on first-name terms; do keep up) book is gently humorous, exasperating and perhaps a bit long, but it's still a fascinating insight into the infuriating world of modern partner-hunting (not 'dating' – that's an American thing; we agree on that).

Some parts, such as her trip to Greece, are poignant, engaging and funny.

First Catch Your Husband: Adventures on the Dating Front Line by Sarah Bridge My rating: 3 of 5 stars I had a date with Sarah Bridge during her search-for-a-husband-cum-research-for-her-book.

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