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She was born and raised in Canada, and at the age of 19 tried to make it in Hollywood.

Yes, there are millions of singles online and yet, I've had clients who viewed 5,000 profiles and couldn't find more than five decent men to contact.

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“Power Women Magazine is an online publication about women by women for women and issues important to women worldwide.

The pressure to belong and conform is everywhere and we are told if we just follow the rules well enough, it will all work out. Well, then it must be your own personal failure or your partners, right? As a professional love life coach I am forever thinking of ways to help people experience more well-being, more freedom, save time, save money, attract less heartache, increase pleasure, reduce pain and greatly reduce the frustration of conventional dating/mating/relating.

My mind is always on the hunt for new ways to help my clients and students.

She did everything for us, while still managing to run the rest of her world and be everything to everyone else in her life (daughter, employee, sister). I wasn’t just someone’s “girlfriend” or “friend” but I was also their career counselor/fitness trainer/therapist/financial advisor.

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