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Three social outcasts who live near the seaside interact with each other in increasingly disturbing ways.The trio of characters are a woman who has killed her sister, a man who enjoys necrophilia, and a female amnesiac.

you have finally found someone that you think could be “the one.” They’re smart, funny, have a great smile — and they happen to have a dog.

Dating a dog owner is kind of one of the best things in the world, but there definitely are some things you should know before dating someone with a dog: Think about it.

All the awkwardness of introduction is instantly swept away.

In fact, in a Knoxville New-Sentinel survey 58 percent of men said that a puppy is a fool-proof chick magnet.

The first woman engages in sadistic pursuits such as capturing young women at the beach to force them to engage in sexual activities, including copulation with a horse and a dog.

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