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A brilliantly funny exploration of the Sunshine State from the man who knows it best: Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times–bestselling author Dave Barry. ” Somehow, the state’s acquired an image as a subtropical festival of stupid, and as a loyal Floridian, Dave begs to differ. And people seem to take their pants off for no good reason.

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Once again, Dave Barry graces us with his annual dose of humor by writing his 2016 Year In Review. He graduated in 1969 and eventually got a job with the Daily Local News, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he covered a series of incredibly dull municipal meetings, some of which are still going on.

Barry went to Haverford College, where he majored in English and wrote lengthy scholarly papers filled with sentences that even he did not understand.

The column that was submitted that he believed clinched it. I knew it was for commentary, I just didn't know if it was anything specific or if it was just for his columns in general.

I have absolutely no cite for this other than I remember reading a reference to it in one of his books ages ago. It sounds like they may have given it to him for his writing in general, probably spurred by the column Bad Baby mentioned.

He is proud to have been elected Class Clown by the Pleasantville High School class of 1965.

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