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"I've always just had cats as companions," explains Eisenberg, suggesting that he counts no humans among his close friends.

If you have an international surrounding there is a very high likelihood that one of your friends is married to a Bulgarian girl or at least has dated one.

The Case Against Cat Men by Dara Adeeyo Should a man own a cat, that's a dealbreaker, right there. Nothing is sweet, endearing, or vagina-tingling about a dude in possession of this animal. I think that when many men picture "a woman with a dog," they get a boner-tastic mental stock photo image of a beautiful blonde running on the beach with a photogenic black Labrador.

Cat-owning tells me that he's a pussy —with a pussy. Owning a cat says he doesn't really know how to connect because how the fuck can you connect with a cat? But every time I have lived with a girl who owned a dog, it was more of a "left their shivering, maladjusted $1,200 goldendoodle in a cage in our 400-square foot apartment for 12 hours because it was Ladies Drink For Free at Senor Frog's" kind of situation.

BAKERSFIELD, CA—Citing the frequent and unnecessary missives sent out at all hours of the day, sources confirmed Friday that the league representative from the company Bakersfield Sportz needed to cool it with all the emails.

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