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Finally, he argued that he had the power to refuse to allot the money for the purchase if, in his discretion, it was not in the best interests of the Commonwealth to do so. At that time, the powers and duties of the office rested largely on the common law and on needs as they arose in the practical administration of the office. It was not until 1896, however, that the office was fully developed and came to resemble its current form. [Note 4] The power to make such policy determinations does not include the power to act in a capricious, arbitrary or illegal manner in refusing to represent a governmental body. 490, reads (in part): "The attorney general shall appear for the Commonwealth, the secretary, the treasurer, and the auditor, and for all heads of departments, state boards and commissions, in all suits and other civil proceedings .

The case was tried on a statement of agreed facts, and the Attorney General represented the Secretary. There was little statutory regulation or modification of the office until adoption of the Constitution in 1780. Although the office is mentioned in many statutes in the early Nineteenth Century, it was not until 1832 that it was defined in a meaningful way. 130, Section 8, provided that the Governor should appoint a suitable person as Attorney General "with all the powers and privileges, and subject to all the duties by law belonging to said office." It further provided that the Attorney General should represent all causes in the Supreme Judicial Court in which the Commonwealth was a party or had an interest. It was though that the office was superfluous and that the district attorneys could discharge all the functions of the Attorney General with little or no difficulty. It was in that year that Governor Greenhalge, in his annual address to the Legislature, called attention to what seemed to be a growing evil, that more than ,000 was being expended by the various commissions and boards for counsel fees and legal expenses. policy [would] be obtained than by committing this responsible labor to a dozen or a score of attorneys, acting without reference to any general plan or purpose." 1986 Senate Doc.

Modern translations mainly use Eclectic editions that conform more often to the Alexandrian text-type.

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231A, Section 8, also sought an order extending the time for filing a notice of appeal, pursuant to Rule 65 (a), of the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure, 365 Mass. I would declare on the present facts that, if the Governor directs, the Attorney General is required by the statute to prosecute the Secretary's appeal or see to the appointment of other counsel to do so.

He then argued that the purchase and sale agreement was not valid because conditions regarding appropriations had not been fulfilled. This amendment elevated the office of Attorney General to true constitutional stature. In response to this address and to statements made by then Attorney General Hosea M. Accordingly, we allow the Governor's legal counsel to proceed on his behalf. in which the Commonwealth is a party or is interested, or in which the official acts and doings of said officers are called in question, in all the courts of the Commonwealth .

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