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Sally Jewell Coxe, the group’s founder and president, stood to make a short presentation.She showed slides of bonobos, including one captioned “,” and said that the apes, which she described as “bisexual,” engaged in various kinds of sexual activity in order to defuse conflict and maintain a tranquil society. “Bonobos are into peace and love and harmony,” Coxe said, then joked, “They might even have been the first ape to discover marijuana.” Images of bonobos were projected onto the wall behind her: they looked like chimpanzees but had longer hair, flatter faces, pinker lips, smaller ears, narrower bodies, and, one might say, more gravitas—a chimpanzee’s arched brow looks goofy, but a bonobo’s low, straight brow sets the face in what is easy to read as earnest contemplativeness.A flyer for the event depicted a bonobo sitting in the crook of a tree, a superimposed guitar in its left hand, alongside the message “Save the Hippie Chimps!

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It is an exploration of the African queer existence in all its intertwining, messy and beautiful glory and adds to the growing narrative of the LGBTIQ existence on the continent.

Of all the ethnic stereotypes of Black male sexuality that exist, the one about black men (read African) being the most generously endowed and therefore the best lovers is among the most prevalent and persistent. The porn culture in Nigeria is growing: Nigerians are said to consume the most porn online, surpassing the United States.

He said that he had encountered bonobos a few years ago at Georgia State University, at the invitation of Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, a primatologist known for experiments that test the language-learning abilities of bonobos. (The chimp-bonobo division is strongly felt by devotees of the latter.

Samboja the orangutan is looking for a good man, and like many singles these days, she's turned to a mobile device to find one.

Tinder for Orangutans is part of a larger collaborative study of bonobo and orangutan emotions by Apenheul and the University of Leiden.

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