E trade baby speed dating

It's good to have funny commercials filled with celebs when you taste like Pepsi.

One of the best parts about Super Bowl Sunday is the advertisements.

2013 -- We don't know much about the Korean automaker's plans for this year's Super Bowl, but they've bought at least one slot. Audi 2012 -- A vampire field party ruined by Audi's "daylight" LED headlights.

Maybe a funny ad, but did anybody research the average age of a Twilight fan compared to the average age of an Audi buyer? Pepsi 2012 -- It's a celebrity-filled skit set in a over-costumed kings court, where Pepsi is liberated from the evil king (Elton John), who falls into the dungeon with Flavor Flav.

“I was terrified.”For Myhren, who joined Grey after stints at Leo Burnett Detroit and TBWA\Chiat\Day, the e Trade baby would be his first big ad–a Super Bowl ad, no less, costing many millions of dollars to get on air–since taking over the creative helm at the 93-year-old agency.

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