Ebay seller dashboard not updating

Buyer thought that it was a copy of an old book due to gray highlighted parts in the book. I told him that he could go to Barnes & Nobles or visit Amazon to see the same book and pages. I asked to e Bay to step in, close the case and release my money. I replied his email with some proof showing that it was an original book.

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Who doesn't dream of quitting the daily grind and turning their favourite hobby or passion into a flourishing business?

Online marketplaces have sprung up to make this a possibility – and they are part of the reason why record numbers of people are working from home.

Once unticked stock will be managed differently based on whether you have a template assigned or not.

Neto will manage stock on e Bay once you assign a listing rules template to an active listing or otherwise list a brand new item.

If you fall into this camp, then this quick guide is for you. Sales tax rates can vary by state and locality, too.

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