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For most people, the recurring question on the topic of the film medium is “why”? What would your answer to them be (besides why not )?Well the approach is really different, using film is about slowing down and thinking more before shooting. I do photograph digitally as well but mainly when on assignment so I can shoot more and faster without having to worry about post production issues when I am in remote locations or if there is just no labs available to process the rolls.

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Purtroppo a volte le scommesse quasi certe, quei pronostici cos blindati che quasi piacevole veder smontati, si rivelano drammaticamente azzeccate.

Sul successo di , man mano che si avvicinava la data di uscita del film, non puntava pi nessuno.

Can contemporary feminism help us understand ancient Egypt?

Absolutely, according to a new long-term collection exhibition opening at the Brooklyn Museum today, 15 December.

This obstacle was the idea that only males could generate a foetus, which they passed to females during intercourse.

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