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Twitter is flooded with funny and bittersweet messages that we can’t stop reading.

People’s stories are so hilarious and surprising they are bound to bring a smile to your face. Famous presented Jimmy Fallon asked his fans to write about their worst date and started the thread by sharing his own.

The Following are not the photos of the scammers, but rather the stolen photos used by the Dating Scammers - typically from Ghana and Nigeria to lure their victims.

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Meeting his uncle – who just happened to be hers too. Then, there are awkward situations that people faced in their own unique way- some running away and others making the most of them.

Act my age was confronted with one of the worst dating fears there is: that awkward silence. User @The Motherboard had a lovely pancakes and revelations breakfast. But there are cases when your date is simply doomed to fail. Twitter user Stephanie Mc Bain really can’t blame herself for this date gone wrong.

Crissy puts a lot of herself into her site, especially with her (personal) dairy, forum and her weekly live shows. SOME OF HER PHOTO SHOOTS ARE EXQUISETE (prob spelt wrong but who cares) HER BODY IS TO BE ADMIRED AND LONG MAY SHE CONTINUE TO SHOOT PORN EITHER SINGLE OR [email protected] XX, well said!

Any fan of hers will thoroughly enjoy her frequently updated site! If Crissy had the same "it" that Jenny Mc Carthy, or Carmen Electra who are "legitimate actresses" have, would she still have needed to find God?

The Boston Red Sox force a game 7 in the ALCS against the Devil Rays.

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