Evan rachel wood dating shane west

The star married Simone Callahan in 1995, and the pair have three children together.

However, their marriage came into trouble in 2000, when Shane was stripped of his vice-captaincy on the Australian Cricket Team after he allegedly sent erotic voicemails and text messages to British nurse, Donna Wright.

The stars penchant for raunchy text messages have also landed him in hot water on several occasions.

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In 2005, Shane and Simone separated, and three days later, British newspaper The Daily Mirror published allegations that Shane had a fling with sales manager Kerrie Collimore, with the pair reportedly having sex on the bonnet of his BMW.

Shane also allegedly sent steamy texts, including one that read, 'How good was our sex f**ing very hot'.

He is always thriving for more after achieving so much already.

He is a super talented actor and also a musician alongside a songwriter.

And that she flew to Shreveport, Louisiana on Friday to visit him.

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