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We're incorporating Gumball, because it's really like a big family," she said. She is, however, keeping mum about the honeymoon destination."When you're on the road for those days, you share so much of your time together that it makes sense." Eve and Maximillion are getting married in Ibiza As for her dress, she has chosen one of Kate Middleton's favourite designers, Alice Temperley. She's just a really cool person so I feel really lucky. "We're not going immediately after, but it will probably be around August/September.Though, actress Halle Berry is quoted as saying she believes in the “one drop rule,” where a person with any trace of sub-Saharan ancestry, however small, is considered black.

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We have three places in mind, but we haven't picked one yet." The hit-maker describes her future husband, who has four children from a previous relationship, as the ideal package.

Not only is he a brilliant race driver and skateboarder but he owns a successful international racing company.

She was featured in Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic and also on the song You Got Me.

She has collaborated with several celebrities and musical stars like DJ Clue, Dru Hill, Nokio the N Tity for her musical credits.

Eve and Maximillion Cooper became engaged last year "It was a surprise," she revealed.

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