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Such report shall include, for all cases, whether the surcharge, sex offender registration fee, DNA databank fee or crime victim assistance fee levied pursuant to subdivision one of section 60.35 of the penal law or section eighteen hundred nine of the vehicle and traffic law has been imposed pursuant to law, collected, or is to be collected by probation or corrections or other officials.

The form, manner and frequency of such reports shall be determined by the commissioner of the division of criminal justice services after consultation with the chief administrator of the courts and the commissioner of the department of motor vehicles.

Jordan Patch, the owner of the park, said this morning that the giraffe has been having contractions all evening. Park staff recorded how far apart the contractions were, and were in constant contact with the veterinarian.

If you have ever haggled over the price of a new or used car, you already know what a draining experience it can be.

Engaging in sexual conduct for a fee is a crime prohibited by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 53A.

The law defines “engaging in sexual conduct for a fee” as either: (1) engaging; (2) agreeing to engage; or (3) offering to engage in sexual conduct with another person for a fee.

https://ilesonline.idfpr.illinois.gov/Lookup/License The registering sex offender shall pay a $100 initial registration fee and a $100 annual renewal fee.

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