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Remember NDS or e Directory as it later became known?

NDS might be mostly dead, in favor of AD (Active Directory), but NDS did have many advantages over AD, and one of them was the ability to assign rights (permissions) via OU membership.

Which is moved my a remote as below Now moving the mailbox using a Remote move request Now you can See a Remote move has been Completed Now you won’t be able logon on the new forest directly as you required to change password as first logon To avoid that situation See- How to Disable “User must change password at next logon” after cross forest move using ADMT 3.2 Open Adsiedit –Set pwdlastset to –1 or just login to a client machine and change the password at first logon Great !!

you able to login in Target Forest Success fully !!

What cannot be done out-of-the-box in Active Directory can be accomplished with a simple Power Shell script (below).

You can use this script to automatically add members to a “shadow group.” This is not an actual type of group, but more or less an adopted term for the process of automatically assigning users to a group. You could, for example, create a script that assigns all users with a specific attribute value to a group.

All versions of ONIX earlier than 2.1 are termed ‘obsolete’.

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