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Not “scream into a pillow mad” but definitely “finish a pint of ice cream with a pissed off look on my face” mad.I’m on my way.” There’s three variables at play here that could be the cause of your flake attacks.

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I get a lot of guys whining at me, saying “dude, I got a smoking hot girl on Tinder who was into me and when we planned to meet, she ditched me last minute with a lame excuse that she had to do something else”. you’re not standing out from the crowd, so you have no more value than the guy next to you”. Not because you’re gong to end up meeting a heifer lump, with a face like a pig. Now this may seem simple enough, but with Tinder this doesn’t wash well.

But because you’re investment in girls on there can swiftly come to an abrupt end if you allow her to be in control. Well you want to get her out on a date, so you can show her some of your fine ass moves. they always ask the girl if they want to go out for “drinks”. Girls on this app are hounded every day by horny guys wanting to hookup, they have had a least a dozen other men all asking the same question.

Her reason was that she had been out drinking the night before and was still too hungover and sick to go at 7pm the next night.

I brushed it off and didn’t think much of it and continued the daily talks.

Some will give a little shit test like “Why do you want my number? To which you can reply “It’s easier to text in Whatsapp” or “Hey… This is how you will stand out and she will remember you, instead of you vanishing in her mind like every other boring guy on there.

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