Flirtbox dating

On you can date singles from all over the USA - for love, friendship or dating!Are you living in the USA, thinking about moving to the USA or a US citizen living abroad and looking for a partner from the US?

One glance at Flirt had us cringing, and it’s because this site really does favor the bait and switch technique.

It’s the kind of thing that you really see on fake sites. When a site puts up a lot of profiles on the front page, that always tends to make us wary.

That’s because they are usually not people that are still available on the site. They’re posting up pictures of people that tend to change depending on whenever you refresh the page, which is just plain gross.

This kind of mentality really doesn’t do it for us.

From those 38 responses, not a single woman would actually end up chatting us up and asking us out on a real meet up.

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