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I would incecently refresh my email to see if they’d gotten back to me (even though I knew that the application process took months). It’s not an ominous being that haunts you, or a constant sense of belittlement. Throughout the college application process, I’m sure you had a long list of places you wanted to apply to. This is a reminder from the world around you that the path you dreamed of may not be the path that’s best for you. It’s a bump in the road, and give us an opportunity to reroute where our dreams will take us.

Albion was my dream school then, it is today, and always will be. I put my eggs all in one basket and hoped that my dreams would come true, and much to my excitement, they did! I’m also sure that the list shortened as you went on tours, got your financial aid packages, took distance into account, etc. To reevaluate our priorities and move forward in a fresh, and new way.

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NUMMI that do not meet their stated specs, routinely sent out from my employers facility and accepted in Fremont plant.

If you’re looking to get free dinner for a week while basically flirting with some guys for a few hours, you’ve come to the right place.

Just let your mouth water thinking about the food that’s to come. There are no Hooters girls at Sigma Chi; just an irritated bowel waiting to happen. Monday, 2/1: Applebee’s Night at Chi Psi / Phi Delt BBQ Chi Psi seems to be coming through with all of these food rush events.

Thursday, 1/28: S’mores at Pi Delta Psi Dessert for dinner. If you’re not feeling the dessert for dinner thing maybe eat a light snack before going to Pi…something like, two chicken breasts, a Caesar salad, and two slices of pizza. Non-vegetarians: salivate all the way over to Delta Chi for some steaks. Go home on Saturday night and make some Kraft Mac and Cheese to remind yourself where you started. Maybe they’re targeting a thicker male demographic this semester?

I would pick the mazda 3 just because it is more fun to drive than a toyota.

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