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Here are seven dating rules that might make your housing search a little easier. This will help you decide whether it’s worth schlepping out to West Hell to meet in person and see the apartment. Are you okay living with the rules and decor put in place by the current roommates, or do you want a situation where there’s room for your preferences and your couch? “Cozy” is often code for “tiny room that probably has no windows.” 4. Keep an eye out for detail-free postings that describe your future roommates merely as “chill” and the three pony-size dogs in the pictures as “adorable.” Ads that read: “Need a roommate immediately because our last one just moved out last night without warning” are the housing equivalent of personals that say, “Learning to trust again” and “No drama! Once you’re meeting in person, ask the questions that are important to you.

(And do you want to schlep out to West Hell once you move in? What makes for a great roommate or an ideal living situation is subjective and varied.

However, do not hesitate to turn down any man who doesn’t treat you according to your standards. Beware of intimacy less than 60 days after your first date.

Make sure to have at least 3 admirers at the same time. False examples, bad habits and low self-esteem might create an urge to appear in his bed too quickly. Waiting will protect you from unfaithful men, help you to develop romantic feelings on a deeper level — and, of course, waiting will fire up not only your heart but also a brain which will choose wisely.

The search for a perfect living situation is similar to the search for a mate.

Emotions and delusions run high when people are looking for companionship, sex, affirmation or someone to split the cable bill.

Gone are the days where singles feel pressured to wait, with almost half of millennials and 34 per cent of all people admitting they are likely to have sex before a first date.

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