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In response to the allegations in the book, Prime Minister John Key said that he talked to Slater on a regular basis.However, Hager reserves his strongest criticism for Cameron Slater, who he says received payment to write attack articles on public figures who opposed or criticised National Party policy – and Dirty Politics identifies those who paid him.

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With those years comes invaluable expertise, which we put to your advantage.

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Although we can't list each and every contributor within the Android community, we would like to highlight some of the teams and individuals that have made it possible NOT only with just this version of DU but throughout the years because we don't ever want to forget where we came from nor those that have helped us! JMZ Software Baby Jesus Code Aurora Forum Omni ROM Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) XDA-Developers Slim ROMs Preludedrew Max Weninger Team Black Out Cyanogen Mod Pure Nexus Project @amardeep434 @Shreesha.

Murthy @ashwin007 @Joshwin Aranha @Rashed97 @albinoman887 ** LG stock camera won't work on aosp based roms without porting, and even if the app is ported we'll never get the stock quality cause of numerous things that only work on stock.

That’s where a no-interest credit card, also called a balance transfer card, can really come in handy.

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