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But, for example, the two characters the actor/actress played had a different face or skin color.

Sometimes another accent or a realy short cameo or something that doesn't totaly effect anything.

Through our chatroom you can easily communicate with the people of one corner to another in a few seconds.

The Internet has definitely converted the world into a small village but it is still up to us to build the community. NYC do this Chat Room conduct should be guided by common sense & basic etiquette.

Other internet portals, such as AOL and MSN, also allow users to create their own chat rooms. in that they are subscription based, and only allow access to the rooms if the user is a subscriber to the service. The result is software providers who take a "hands-off" approach grant internet users the ability to add and create content to the World Wide Web that opens the door to contributions that range from great to sometimes objectionable, to out-right illegal, and often enlightening.

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