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After unforeseen troubles such as getting home late on Wednesday, failing to set my DVR, and lots of hoops and obstacles to jump through, which made me thing the universe doesn't not want me to watch this episode, I am here to offer you my thoughts, in the maximum critical style these reviews are known for.

I don't know if it is due to Carver's lazy writing or me getting too old and acquainted with the show, but as I watched the episode two thoughts kept running through my head: 1) Carver is the writer, even though I hadn’t looked it up, 2) every single move in the script is predictable to a ridiculous degree.

For example, wearing cut-off shorts and staring cross-eyed at turtles.

But there's a third thing about Megan Fox that's perhaps borderline interesting and it involves a certain hirsute mythological beast! I feel like Megan Fox and Demi Lovato might have A LOT to talk about.) [People]Just because someone writes about celebrity gossip nearly every day doesn't mean he or she knows EVERYTHING or even retains more than a fraction of what little knowledge they do learn.

Megan Fox is headed to FOX's New Girl - to rent out Jess' room!

Fox has joined the show's fifth season for a multi-episode arc, appearing first in the sixth episode as Reagan - a gorgeous, straight-shooting pharmaceutical sales rep who comes to town on business and shakes things up.

Summary: In these hard, economic times, dog lover (Jason Sudeikis) sets his priorities straight by serving bagged garbage to his canine pal.

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