Free streaming live chat

This gives your viewers the ability to interact with you and each other.

People are getting more and more used to watch their content any where, any time and on any device.

Smartphones have also become mini-TVs with larger and more high-definition screens. Actually, from the Ericsson Mobility Report we know that video traffic is planned to grow 55 percent per year until 2020, driven by video streaming services.

We believe this to be the fastest and most effective way to communicate trade ideas with precision and timing, allowing our group members to learn and understand the entire thought process leading up to the trade – before the trade takes place! The live screen share is our most powerful feature, allowing us to give detailed trade plans, alerts, live lessons, and 1on1 support.

Watch my live desktop feed while I trade during the day and find out what most newer traders are missing between the lines. Live trade alerts, news articles, fundamental research, and detailed trade plans.

With live video, a podcast can achieve a higher level of interactivity with their listeners that would not be possible if they didn’t record live.

Last modified 23-Nov-2019 17:38