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Add two bonus “Drinking Problem” beer koozies for a discounted price. ALL BANDCAMP PROCEEDS FROM THIS SONG GO TO THE ACLU!

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Fuck no signup

The front door to the performance space was closed when I got there.

I’d been to this particular spot in this particular patch of the industrial part of downtown Los Angeles, past the Coca-Cola distribution center, plenty of times. Instead there was a crisp sheet of white paper with the oil slick haired image of our 40th president — Ronald Reagan — instructing me to head around the corner to the side door.

After Riot in all their genius buffed him into retardation... He does more damage than a fed assassin and doesn't run out of mana anymore, can stack armor pen making tanks worthless, and can disengage whenever he needs to.

I just don't see how you can beat him anymore.

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