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Nomad's always being abused (I think mostly by Forte). I enjoyed the series, and perhaps I'll look for the manga as well :) If you have the time and wanted to watch something to make you laugh a bit, pick this series up. This is a silly comedy, as such it should be reviewed like that and this review will do just that.

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The original series lasted for four seasons, while Rune barely managed to make it through one.

Apricot Sakuraba and her friends from the games are given counterparts from the anime-verse. The high points of the series are largely considered to be the catchy Dancing Theme, which underwent Memetic Mutation, as well as two episodes where the original Angel Troupe made cameos. It may simply be the fact that Madhouse, the studio behind the original series, were unavailable and instead, Broccoli (the company behind the games) took up the project in-house and it was animated by Satelight, which meant that characters who were owned by Madhouse (Normad, Volcott, the Twin Stars, etc.) were unable to put in any appearances (save for a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo by a Normad-Missile).

See the character sheet, and would you mind editing it?

It desperately needs fans of the series to give it some love.

They're definitely not making any sense in most cases, but if you try to enjoy it in a different perspective - to accept the "weirdness" that it makes... Some of the stories are kinda cliche in that you would know what happened in between events, but definitely enjoyable.

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