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From beginning to end of this sorry saga, it has been impossible to believe anything she has said.

Who can forget Heather threatening to sue anyone who wrote that her marriage was over - just weeks before she and Paul separated?

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How dare she compare herself to Kate Mc Cann - as if enduring the uncomfortable spotlight of a very public divorce is in any way akin to losing a daughter and being branded a murderer.

Yet even by endeavouring to prick Heather's pomposity and expose her hypocrisy, there is a risk of pandering to her deranged mindset.

makes a considerable contribution not only to the cultural history of sexual enlightenment and identity in modern Europe, but also to the history of childhood and adolescence. Introduction: Shaping Sexual Knowledge of the Young.

The essays collected in this volume treat sex education in the broadest sense, incorporating all aspects of the formal and informal shaping of sexual knowledge and awareness of the young.

Yesterday morning, on national television, we witnessed Heather Mills undergo a very public and very painful divorce ... In the process, she lost the last few shreds of sympathy that people might still have held for her. If her intention was to show the public the real woman behind the headlines then she succeeded in a quite unintentional way.

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