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The Spanish believe that because it's attached to Spain, it should belong to Spain.But the locals have voted twice to stay with Britain.They all want to get out of Spain, if only for a few hours.

St Michael’s Cave is a series, or network, of caves made of limestone, which are found on the Rock, or the Rock of Gibraltar.

St Michaels Cave is located on what is called the Upper Rock, inside the Upper Rock Nature Reserve of Gibraltar and sites at a dizzying height of well over 300 metres above sea level.

Many places in Spain are suffering as a result of the euro crisis, but few have been hit as hard as La Línea, a Spanish town which neighbors the prosperous British overseas territory of Gibraltar.

With the city on the verge of bankruptcy, many residents have turned to smuggling to earn money.

(Jahrgang 1960) schreibt seit 1990 für den SPIEGEL.

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