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I’m not a Tinder user myself, but more than a few times I’ve been hanging with friends at a pub or flat, and someone has got out the app so that everyone gawk at the alternately earnest, pretentious, and embarrassing human slideshow inside.

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Online solicitations, where no response need be made if there is no interest, are equivalent to the latter.

Although your tactful wording could serve as a model for rejecting an acquaintance, there is really no charming way, other than silence, to express, “I can’t imagine that it would be worth my while to meet you.” DEAR MISS MANNERS: I can’t wrap my mind around those who find it acceptable to attempt to coerce their friends and family members into footing the bill for some unreasonable and ridiculous event that they have planned for themselves.

Compare Nepotism and Sleeping Their Way to the Top.

This person may be regarded as something of a Yoko Oh No, especially in the case of film and music, and also may result in the Love Makes You Uncreative trope being invoked.

The original series was presented by Cilla Black from 1984 to 2001.

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