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We want to give you the tools to understand where your money goes, and empower you to set and achieve financial goals. Every day thousands of people from around the world download and experience Wally for their first time.

The response from our users has been overwhelming and humbling. We hope you enjoy Wally, and we really want you to tell us you think. The idea is to build a really good basic version that everyone can use and love.

While Sheets only offers a small portion of the capabilities that Microsoft Excel has, it is a viable alternative to Excel since the basic functions are all that most spreadsheet users would need.

Would it work for individuals who use Excel to its fullest potential? One useful feature is that sheets are automatically saved as you work, so you do not have to click save all the time.

Google isn’t the only one, either–plenty of third-party apps also won’t work on rooted Android devices, although they may check for the presence of root in other ways.

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