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The royal couple sat down with a group of elderly men and women who shared their harrowing stories with them.During World War II, Princess Alice, the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother and Charles’s grandmother, sheltered a number of Jewish people when Greece was occupied.That was very shocking," Kratz offered, adding, "because there was a rental car in my name ...

Prince Charles of Wales spoke with Holocaust survivors in Austria about his grandmother’s role in saving the lives of a Jewish family during the Shoah.

Charles and his wife, Camilla, spent the final day of a nine-day tour of Europe in Vienna meeting British and Austrian survivors of Nazi persecution at the city’s Jewish museum, the Jewish News of London reported.

Kevin Kratz and Richard Schmelzer split a pizza in the kitchen of Schmelzer's spacious Texas home when things took an unexpected turn, according to Kratz.

One day earlier, Kratz rented a car for Schmelzer — to whom he is related by marriage — under the impression Schmelzer would be using it for a road trip to Arizona to talk with his father.

It all began when a man named David (Sims censored his last name on the conversation's screenshot) posted not one, but two offensive slurs on his wall.

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